Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Skins New Trailer

MySpace - Skins


Too Many Sebastians said...

Skins is shit. Nobody over the age of 12 likes it.

D@smut said...

ohhh,But I think that SKINS is cooler than a Japanese movie made for the teens.

The trailer is well-done, too.

Too Many Sebastians said...

For me it is a fairly inacurate portrayal of teen life in Britain, it is based on what rich teenagers think their life should be like (a bunch of them write the show), too influenced by their ideas of 'Rock and Roll culture' is.

To be fair though I only watched the first series, but certain things were hilarious, their group which just happened to have two minorities in it..(sadly this quite rare).

The episode where they buy weed, from a Russian gangster... just absurd but is obviously comes from the brain of somebody who thinks that is how it happens and that it is 'cool' to buy weed. Personally buying weed is boring experience that couldn't fill an episode of anything in reality.

Japan has some ok teen based movies, such as Battle Royal & Ping Pong which I believe potrays teenage freindship better and how stupid you are as a teenager.